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  • Kodanska Third Generation Plate Plate Tulip
  • Kodanska Third Generation Plate Plate Tulip
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Third Generation Tallerken - Tulip

899,00 kr
899,00 kr

The beautiful colours and dynamic spiral patterns of our new Third Generation
collection bring a colourful and fresh aesthetic expression to the table setting.
In the design process, we paid special attention to the size of the plate,
because we wanted to create a plate that could be used for different types
of meals. Over the past three months, we tested different prototypes and
made continuous adjustments. One aspect we came to appreciate was the
little raised edge, which proved highly practical for plating up larger servings.
The raised edge also added to the aesthetic experience of the table, because
it makes the pattern visible from the side. The result is a design that works
equally well for breakfast, lunch, desert and dinner.
The new colourful plates come in a variety of expressions; all clearly reflecting
the craftsmanship that goes into the unique products. “We soon discovered
that if we mixed multiple colours, some of them would be burnt away by the
heat, some would fade, and others would maintain their intensity. Actually,
the original idea was to play with monochrome plates, but once we saw the
interplay of the different colours we changed to a clear base and began to
focus on how we create a unique expression with the colour blends and how
they fade into one another.